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About us

Hello! Welcome to Happy Puppy Treasures!

      Our story begins on a scorching August day in Texas. I happened to call in to work on this day to run some errands, and prepare for an upcoming trip. Little did I know that this day would become so much more! I received a call from my husband who had stopped at a gas station and saw someone put two German Shephard Dogs into the dumpster lock up with a large bowl of water. Curious, he asked the manager about them, and found that the dogs had been running around in the street with no ID tags. So naturally, my husband called me and asked if I wanted to go pick them up.

      Suddenly, I was scurrying around the house trying to find where we could put them, since we didn't have pets, and figuring out what supplies I needed to pick up on the way. I ran to the store grabbed some food, bowls, and leashes, then I was on my way! I was so excited! I grew up with dogs but hadn't owned one since I moved out of my parents place. I made my way two cities over to pick up the dogs. As soon as I pulled up someone opened the dumpster area, obviously not knowing there were two german shephards inside, the dogs ran out, saw me and jumped in my car!

      The temperature was over 100 degrees that day, and one of them was just a baby girl about 3 months old and the other was a little older boy about 1-2 years old. I brought them home and they promptly fell asleep after some food and water. The next trip we had to take was to the vet. After my husband got home from work, I took the baby girl, who we named Schatzi, to the vet and found she wasn't microchipped and was bloated very badly from worms. While I was gone, our big boy, Jingles, panicked because she was gone. He was clearly taking care of her and protecting her, and didn't like it at all when he couldn't see where she was. Like with any rescue, we have had to work through some issues with them, but they turned out to be the best things that have happened to us.

      These two amazing creatures inspired me to create my own store that helps you get started as new dog parents. Every dog deserves to be a Happy Puppy!